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assignment 1-4 - Vu Nguyen Organization of Programming...

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Vu Nguyen Organization of Programming Languages CS-4337 Section 001 September 11,2008 Assignment 1 Student ID: 10234309
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Assignment 1 Due: The assignment must be submitted over the webct and the due date is: Thursday, September 11, 2008 1) In Java, integers can be assigned to real variables, but not vice versa. What design principle does this violate? In C, this restriction does not exist. What design principle does this violate? The principle violated would be writability, because this restriction disallows a user to create a program to what he or she desires in lieu of greater reliability (5 points) 2) Describe the following features and explain how they affect the readability and reliability of a programming language? Type checking, Data Types, and Orthogonality. Type checking creates greater reliability because it checks the user to maintain integrity of programming structures enumerated by the language, but has relatively no effect on readability.
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