Postlab02_Task1a_rfe - Tell the user to input the capacitances in terms of Farads write'Input the first two capacitances in terms of Farads Read

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! Lab #2: Fortran Basics ! File: Postlab02_Task1a_rfelde.f95 ! Date: 22 January 2008 ! By: Ryan Robert Felde ! rfelde ! Section: 02/01, 11:30, and ENAD 138 ! Team: 16 ! ! ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE ! Ryan Robert Felde ! ! The electronic signature above indicates the program submitted for ! evaluation is my individual work and I have a general understanding ! of all aspects of its development and execution. ! ! A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WHAT THE PROGRAM OR FUNCTION DOES ! This program asks the user to input the values for the parallel capacitances and calculates the equivalent capacitance. program parallel ! First Initialize the variables that you will use. REAL :: First_Cap, Second_Cap, Eq_Cap
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Unformatted text preview: ! Tell the user to input the capacitances in terms of Farads write(*,*)'Input the first two capacitances in terms of Farads:' ! Read the input values in and assign their values to the variables read(*,*) First_Cap, Second_Cap ! Calculate the Equivalent Capacitance using the equation for parallel circuits Eq_cap = First_Cap + Second_Cap ! Write out the information for the first capacitance, second capacitance, and equivalent capacitance. write(*,*) 'Type of Network ', 'First Capacitance ', 'Second Capacitance ', 'Equivalent Capacitance ' write(*,*) 'Parallel ', First_Cap,' F ', Second_Cap,' F ', Eq_Cap,' F' stop end...
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