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! Lab #3: Conditional Statements and Looping ! File: Postlab03_Task2_rfelde.f95 ! Date: 29 January 2008 ! By: Ryan Robert Felde ! rfelde ! Section: 02/01, 11:30, and ENAD 138 ! Team: 16 ! ! ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE ! Ryan Robert Felde ! ! The electronic signature above indicates the program submitted for ! evaluation is my individual work and I have a general understanding ! of all aspects of its development and execution. ! ! A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WHAT THE PROGRAM OR FUNCTION DOES ! This program asks a user which operation they want to perform and then prompts for the values they want to use. It checks ! it checks to make sure that the operation can be performed and then performs it and outputs the result. program operation implicit none ! Initialize variables integer :: Op real :: A, B, C ! Ask the user which operation they would like to perform write(*,*)'Which operation would you like to do? 1 Add 2 Multiply 3 Divide 4 Square Root 5 Natural Log' read(*,*) Op ! Determine what operation was chosen and perform the operation
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Postlab03_Task1_rfelde.f95 - ! Lab #3: Conditional...

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