Lab04_CFU_rfelde - increments of three It also outputs all of the values calculated while the loop was running program implicit none Initialize

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! Lab #4: CFU ! File: Lab04_CFU_rfelde.f95 ! Date: 30 January 2008 ! By: Ryan Robert Felde ! rfelde ! Section: 02/01, 11:30, and ENAD 138 ! Team: 16 ! ! ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE ! Ryan Robert Felde ! ! The electronic signature above indicates the program submitted for ! evaluation is my individual work and I have a general understanding ! of all aspects of its development and execution. ! ! A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WHAT THE PROGRAM OR FUNCTION DOES ! This program runs a loop to determine that value of a function for the set of numbers starting at -9 and going to 9 in
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Unformatted text preview: ! increments of three. It also outputs all of the values calculated while the loop was running. program implicit none ! Initialize variables real:: I, Y ! Set up the index to run from -9 to 9 in increments of 3 do I = -9, 9, 3 ! Set conditional statement based on the conditions given and perform calculations based on these. if (I >= 0) then Y = (-3 * (I**2)) + 5 else Y = (3 * (I**2)) + 5 end if ! Write out the value of the index and the function for each iteration of the loop. write(*,*)'t = ', I, ' y(t) =', Y end do stop end...
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