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! Lab #6: Format Descriptors, Functions and Subroutines ! File: Postlab06_rfelde.f95 ! Date: 14 February 2008 ! By: Ryan Robert Felde ! rfelde ! Section: 02/01, 11:30, and ENAD 138 ! Team: 16 ! ! ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE ! Ryan Robert Felde ! ! The electronic signature above indicates the program submitted for ! evaluation is my individual work and I have a general understanding ! of all aspects of its development and execution. ! ! A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WHAT THE PROGRAM OR FUNCTION DOES program implicit none !Initialize vairables
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Unformatted text preview: real, dimension(2,3) :: Array integer :: I, J !Set up a do loop to read in the data from the file. Use an implied do loop to have it !go through both rows of the data file open(unit = 1, file = 'data.txt') do I = 1,2 read(1,'(F5.2, 1x, F5.3, 1x, F5.4)')( Array(I,J), J=1,3) end do write(*,*)'The data read from the file is:' !Use the same type of do loop to output the formatted values of the data file. do I = 1,2 write(*,'(F6.2, 1x, F6.3, 1x, F6.4)')(Array(I,J), J=1,3) end do stop end program...
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