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Cellular Biology Glossary of Terms - Introduction |...

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Introduction | Structures/Functions | Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes | Types | Reproduction | Theory | Glossary | Credits Confused about a term? You've come to the right place. Below is an alphabetical listing of words that may be unfamiliar to you, along with clear definitions. If you click on a term, you'll be linked to the page which features that term, for more in-depth information. Following the glossary is an idea of sites (topically arranged) which are related to cellular biology. These will provide you with further information on all topics featured in this site. Anaphase - phase of mitosis in which the chromosomes begin to pull to opposite poles of the cell Abiogenesis - spontaneous generation, nonliving matter yielding life Animal - kingdom composed of multicellular organisms divided into two divisions: vertebrates and invertebrates, who obtain their food from external sources and reproduce sexually or asexually Asexual - a type of reproduction that does not require the union of female and male gametes Biogenesis - the concept that all life arises from living matter Cell - the smallest unit of life that carries out its own processes Cellulose - a carbohydrate that is found in cell walls Cell wall - multi-layered, sturdy structure composed of cellulose that provides plants and other organisms with their rigidity Centrioles - essential tubular organelles found near the nucleus in pairs that aid in cellular division Chlorophyll - the green material found in chloroplasts that is active in photosynthesis Chloroplasts - membrane-bound organelles containing chlorophyll that is found in photosynthetic organisms Chromosomes - condensed form of chromatin visible during cellular division Cytoplasm - collective term for cytosol and all the organelles contained in it (outside the nucleus and within the plasma membrane) Cytoskeleton - network of microtubules that support and give structure to cell while aiding in intracellular transport Cytosol - jelly-like material that contains the organelles between the nucleus and the plasma membrane DNA - deoxyribonucleic acid is the double-helix molecule holding the genetic information of organisms that, along with protein, composes the chromatin Endoplasmic reticulum - the cell's highway transport system composed of tubes and membranes connected to the nuclear
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Cellular Biology Glossary of Terms - Introduction |...

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