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Business English

Business English - 08192009 Finish chapter 1 regarding...

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08192009 Audio recording started: 11:03 AM Wednesday, August 19, 2009 Finish chapter 1 regarding Dictionaries, and Reference Manuals. A reference manual is important, this textbook will be a good ref man. Ref Man has rules of punctuation, capitalization, Number style, HOW 12 book for transcription. Also on Internet, but hard copy will be purchased for transcription class next year. Pearson business reference, Gregg Reference Manual. www.gregg.com END OF CH ONE Go over exercises…………. . Unit tests will cover items in the text for that chapter Each ch has pre test and post test T/F Actual in class test is Multiple Choice. Answers given in book, Dictionary not needed on test CHAPTER 2 PARTS of SPEECH Noun Person, place or thing, qualities, feelings, concepts, activities, measures Subj and verb must agree singular, or plural Is singular Are plural Our singular nouns do not end in s Singular verb ends in s Stephanie is at home. Bicycles are fun to ride, Pronouns Words used in place of nouns. If you sub a pronoun for a noun, make sure it is identifiable. She or her….which one if choice between two or more. Verbs Express action, an occurrence, or a state of being. It has many links. He is proud of it. Jason built the site. The state of being , use linking verbs…… am is are was were be been being Feels appears tastes sounds seems looks Verb phrases Singly or in phrases Has been training (verb phrase) Steph feels bad that she will be leaving. Feels linking verb will be leaving verb phrase Adjectives Words that describe nouns and pronouns What kind How many Which one 08192009 Business English Page 1
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Adjectives usually precede nouns, but also can follow words they describe. (esp when used with linking verbs). The words a, an, and the, form a spl group of adjs called articles. Ch 11 has more on Adjs. Adverbs Modify (describe or limit) verbs, adjs, or other adverbs. Often answer WHEN HOW WHERE TO WHAT EXTENT Common adverbs Carefully, now, really, evenly, only, too, rather, very, greatly Many, but not all, words ending in ly, will be adverbs. Some exceptions are friendly, costly, and ugly these are adjectives. Prepositions Join nouns and pronouns to other words in a sentence. Pre- before and obj (noun or pronoun). Show relationship between the object of the preposition and another word in the sentence. She talked with him. She talked about him. She talked to him. Pg 207 list of prepositions Some of the most frequently used prepositions are: At, by, for, from, in, of, to, and with Be SURE to recognize the objects of prepositions so you won't confuse them with sentence subjects. Conjunctions Words that connect other words or groups are conjunctions (coordinating conjunctions). And, or, nor, but
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Business English - 08192009 Finish chapter 1 regarding...

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