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Laramy Montgomery Chapter 6 Editor’s Challenge Business English Monday/Wednesday 11-12:15 MEMORANDUM DATE: October 6, 2009 TO: Maria S. Damen, Vice President, Marketing MSD FROM: Ryan Jenkins, Exhibit Manager SUBJECT: REDUCING A MAJOR EXPENSE AT TRADE SHOWS As you suggested, Matthew Chavez and I have been searching for ways to reduce our trade show exhibition costs’. One of our company’s major expenses at these shows is the visitor’s gift that we present. At last years show we gave away a nine-color, silk-screened T-shirt. This was designed by a high-priced New York designer. Each shirt cost $15 to produce; however, I’ve located a Chinese supplier who can produce good-looking T-shirts. This supplier can produce the shirts for the low cost of $4 each. Look at the savings we can make: 2,000 silk-screened T-shirts @$15 $30,000 2,000 cheaper T-shirts @$4 8,000 SAVINGS $22,000 This major saving was immediately apparent to Matthew and me, as we studied the problem. Please examine the enclosed T-shirt sample. If you compare T-shirts, you might expect a cheaper shirt to be
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