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Employee Handbook Regular Attendance Your regular attendance every day is a vital part of your contribution to the success of our company. We know you will take your responsibility seriously and be a reliable part of our team. If for any reason you must miss work, notify your supervisor just as soon as possible. For information about receiving pay for missed days, refer to the Sick Leave and Emergency Absences sections in the employee handbook. Because regular attendance is critical to the company’s success, your attendance represents a major portion of your performance review. Promptness Just as regular attendance is important so is arriving to work on time. As with any team, everyone needs to be present in order to perform our jobs. Many people depend on you to be present and punctual. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get to work on time. Punctuality also will
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Unformatted text preview: be an important factor in your evaluations. Time Clock Hourly employees must punch a time clock each day as they begin work and at quitting time. Be sure not to punch your time card before your scheduled start time or work past your quitting time unless your supervisor has approved the overtime. In addition, never, never allow someone else to punch your time card for you, and never punch someone else’s time card for him or her. Confidential Information You are a trusted member of our company’s team. You may have access to confidential information about the company. Remember never to share confidential information with others not authorized to have such information. Never discuss confidential company matters with outsiders unless authorized by the supervisor responsible for the information. We are confident you will respect the trust we have placed in you....
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