Guidelines - proofread the document. A person who is not...

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Guidelines for Outgoing Correspondence Check Accuracy Misspellings, punctuation errors, and incorrect information can embarrass and damage the credibility of an organization, so always check spelling and grammar usage. If you use a word processor, do not rely entirely on the spelling checker, because it cannot determine correct usage of words such as homonyms. When proofreading, it is helpful to focus your attention on one line of text at a time. Be Consistent Present information logically and clearly using the same spellings, hyphenation, margins, indents, and hierarchy of headings. Inconsistencies in a document distract the reader, causing your message to lose its impact. If possible, have another person
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Unformatted text preview: proofread the document. A person who is not familiar with the document can identify inconsistencies and words or sentences with unclear meanings. Check Spelling Use resources to help you correct grammar and punctuation errors. When in doubt, look it up. The following is a list of commonly misspelled words: Environment Business Manual Address Column February Calendar Grammar Noticeable Receive Check Facts To ensure that a document fulfills its purpose, use reliable resources to verify all names, addresses, telephone numbers, dates, and other facts. Do not rely on your memory....
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Guidelines - proofread the document. A person who is not...

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