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Telephone Etiquette Answering the Telephone 1. Answer the telephone promptly. 2. Identify yourself by saying the company name and your name. For example, you should say “Springfield Pediatric Clinic, Jason speaking.” 3. Be courteous by saying “Thank you,” “Please,” and “You’re welcome.” Project a positive attitude during the conversation. Avoid using slang terms and remember to speak clearly. 4. Do not keep the caller waiting. If you need time to gather information, ask the caller if you can call back. If you must put a person on hold, go back to the phone regularly to let the caller know you are working on his question. 5. At the end of the call, repeat the action you are going to take. For example, “I will credit
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Unformatted text preview: your account and send you a revised statement. End the conversation positively and with a friendly tone and thank the caller. For example, Thank you for calling. I will correct the error right away. 6. Use the message forms provided. Taking Messages 1. Fill out message forms completely. Repeat the information to the caller to make sure it is correct. Always double-check your numbers. When you are unsure about the spelling or pronunciation of a name or word, ask the caller to spell it out for you. 2. Place the message in a determined place, such as on the persons desk near the telephone....
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