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Kevin Wang Sec 113 Weekly Reading Questions Within covering the topic of orientalism this week, we moved more into viewing the colonial contexts and development of cultural ideals which arose out of Europe dur- ing the 17th century. With these three articles exploring orientalism, the diffusion of cul- ture, especially of European culture was better understood. Within Asad’s Anthroplogy and Colonial Encounters, Asad provides an introduc- tion into this ideology of orientalism describing the oriental world. Largely dealing with an overview context of what orientalist of the past viewed in the Orient, the sense of the contrasting culutres and the establishment of the Orient as the antithesis of the oxident. Mainly focusing upon the Islamic world at the height of its empire, the advent of colonial- ism spread Western civilization to other culture to establish the rigid strucutre of class and distinction that is found in culture. One question I had however was why is the fo- cus of the orient so ingrained within the Middle East? The second article,
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