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Unformatted text preview: Anthropology 3AC – Reading Response Guidelines [Fall 2009] Congratulations, you’ve chosen to stay in Anthro 3AC and have gotten to the first assignment, writing a reading response on either the article by Clifford Geertz or the article by Marshall Sahlins. These reading responses are due in lecture on Thursday, September 22 nd . If you haven’t already, pick an article and read on so that you understand what this assignment entails. First of all, remember that the reading response is due the primary requirement of the reading response is that it is analytical rather than merely descriptive; that is to say, it must contain a structured analysis of a relevant issue or theme from the article you select. A critical or analytical reading response will make points that follow on, one from another, in a logical fashion to build up an argument. There is, thus, no one way to write a good reading response; that said, the following might be of use as build up an argument....
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