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Alexander Nadal ID: 20983865 Section 113 Reader Response Said, Edward W. (1977) Orientalism - New York: Vintage Books Part 1 Keywords: 1. Orientalism: A style of thought based upon an ontological and epistemological distinction between “the orient” and “the Occident.” 2. Orientalized- The belief that the Orient was created 3. Hegemony- A concept for any understanding of cultural life in the industrial west. 4. Positional Superiority- A term which puts the Westerner in a whole series of possible relationships with the Orient without ever losing him the upper hand. 5. Strategic Location- A way of describing the author’s position in a text with regard to the Oriental material he writes about. 6. Strategic Formation- A way of analyzing the relationship between texts and the way in which groups of texts, types of texts, even textual genres, aquire mass, density, and referential power among themselves and thereafter in the culture at large. Argument: The argument in Said’s Orientalism is that Orientalism has promoted a misguided view of eastern cultures which he wants to clear up. He does not like the idea that literary works involving the east promote feelings of superiority in the west; and these feelings are what justified eastern colonialism. Thus he wants people to see that “the mysterious Orient” (Said 26) is not as abstract or exotic as people think. The Orient houses lots of diverse cultures that are human too. This brings up another of Said’s arguments involving generalization of the East. Orientalism ignores the fact that there are more cultures in the east other than Asians. Eastern people include Muslims, Arabs and even Russians. Modern Orientalism acknowledges these other cultures, but is responsible for the stereotypes associated with such cultures. Orientalism is a form of awareness unfortuneately most Orientalists are dogmatic, opinionated and usually get
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Anthro+3AC-Orientalism+Reader+Response - Alexander Nadal ID...

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