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Conclusion Analysis of being “Co-workers” with Nature Seldom can one approach an issue through two different disciplines and arrive at the same conclusion in each case. Such is the case, however, with Annie Whiston Spirn’s scholarly essay “Constructing Nature,” and Dario Robleto’s artistic piece, “The Common Denominator of Existence is Loss” (2008). While much different in approach, with Spirn offering an academic approach, Robleto an artistic one, both pieces work toward the central idea of being “coworkers with nature,” advocating a mutual partnership of humans with nature, which in the long run is beneficial for all. Spirn’s essay, “Constructing Nature”, can largely be seen as a eulogy to Frederick Law Olmsted, a prominent architectural landscaper in late 19 th century America. Olmsted, Spirn notes, “shaped the American landscape from city to wilderness” (Cronan, 92), and the depth of his work, written and built, has yet to be realized. Responsible for constructing monumental landscape projects such as Yosemite, Niagara Falls, Biltmore Forest, and Boston’s Fens and Riverway, Olmsted carefully concealed their structural foundations, leading them to be perceived as nature constructs, rather than human ones. A large portion of Spirn’s work is dedicated to explaining Olmsted’s position regarding management of nature, essential in his estimation. “Olmsted’s work at Central Park and Yosemite was informed by similar ideas about the value of natural scenery, the importance of free public access, and the necessity for managing the landscapes (albeit
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ass - Conclusion Analysis of being "Co-workers" with Nature...

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