conclusion4 - Discussion: The conceptual notion of the...

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Discussion: The conceptual notion of the ideal gas law that was applied to this particular experiment allowed for the determination of both an experimental value for R (the gas constant) and a value for absolute zero. However, within the process of this lab, two assumptions were made to idealize the gasses used. The first was that there were no intermolecular forces reacting between molecules. Secondly, the assumption was made that the gas had no effective volume in and ideal state. Under these assumptions an idealized situation was created. Part one of the experiment was concerned with the determination of an R value. Through calculations, this was determined to be .0884 L-atm/mol-K. In comparison to the literature value of .0821 L-atm/mol-K, there was a 7.13% error. Furthermore, in asked to determine volume at STP in relation to the amount of N 2 gas produced using the determine value of R, a value of 24.2 L was found and in relation of the literature value of 22.4 L was a 8.04 % error in calculation. Within the second portion of the lab, whereby the objective was to determine a value of absolute zero (0 K or -273.2 C) with the use of He and N 2 gas, the values determined were -232.5 K and - 111.5 K respectively and represented a 85.1% and 40.8% error respectively in comparison to the
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conclusion4 - Discussion: The conceptual notion of the...

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