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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Physics Physics 8.022 - Fall 2002 Assignment #2 Field Lines, Electric Flux, Gauss' Law Work, Energy of Fields, Potential Reading Purcell Chapter 1 and 2. Problem Set #2 Work on all problems. Not all problems receive equal points. Total points for this set is 100. Notice that some problems have OPTIONAL questions. THESE ARE NOT REQUIRED, it is only for your entertainment. z (10 points) [1] Electric Field from Potential. coordinates: Derive the electric field described by the following potential that is written in cylindrical . What are the units of K in SI and CGS? Express the electric field in cylindrical, cartesian and polar coordinates. z (15 points) [2] Soda Centaurus . An extraterrestrial spaceship from Mondus Lontanus lands at MIT's campus and chief scientist Aurelius Studiolanum hands to 8.022 students a print out depicting a structure known to his people as Soda Centaurus that they hit upon their voyage to Earth.
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assignment02 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology...

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