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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Physics Physics 8.022 - Fall 2002 Assignment #5 Current, Resistance, Ohm's Law EMF, Circuits, Kirchhoff's Rules, RC Circuits Reading Purcell Chapter 4. Problem Set #5 Work on all problems. Not all problems receive equal points. Total points for this set is 100. z (20 points) [1] Current Flow Between Cylindrical Plates. of conductivity The space in between two cylindrical copper plates of radius a and b ( b > a )i s filled with a material . The length of the plates is L . The two plates are kept at constant potential V a and V b ( V a > V b ). Express all your answers in terms of V a , V b , a , b and L . { { Find the resistance of this configuration. Find the current density in the space between the two cylinders. { Find the electric field
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Unformatted text preview: in the space between the two cylinders. z (20 points) [2] Snell's Law for Electric Currents. An infinite medium has two regions I and II each with conductivity and separated by a plane interface. In region I a uniform current density flows up to the interface at an angle . { Find the magnitude and angle of the current density in region II. { Find the charge denisty on the interface. z (15 points) [3] Purcell Problem 4.21 (p.165): Resistive Network. z (15 points) [4] Purcell Problem 4.25 (p.165): Discharging Capacitor. z (15 points) [5] Purcell Problem 4.32 (p.168): Infinite Resistor Chain. . z (15 points) [6] Purcell Problem 4.33 (p.168): Kirchhoff's Law and Minimum Power Requirement....
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