Syllabus - become familiar with a PC based CAD system...

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GRAPHICS FUNDAMENTALS 20-ENFD-251 Textbook: Craig, Jerry. Engineering and Technical Drawing Using Solid Edge V14. SDC Publications, Ninth Edition Instructor: Thomas Huston, PhD, PE 5516 French 556-2645 (Office) [email protected] Bulletin Description: Survey of graphical techniques, projection theory, engineering drawings and standards, and an introduction in CAD. 2 hr lectures, 2 hr lab. Purpose of Course: This is a survey course in technical drawing. The student should master the basic concepts of engineering drawings. Moreover, the student should learn to communicate through drawings and illustrations. Another intent of the course is to offer an opportunity for the student to
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Unformatted text preview: become familiar with a PC based CAD system. Grading: Lab Assignments 30% Quizzes/Assignments 5% Midterm 30% Final 35% Format: Course will be taught using two 1 hour lecture periods and a 3 hour computer laboratory session. Students will be held responsible for material presented in both the lecture and laboratory sessions. Attendance is considered mandatory. GRAPHICS FUNDAMENTALS 20-031-251 Week Topic 1 Introduction Lettering 2 Geometric Construction 3 Orthographic Sketching 4 Dimensions 5 Multiview Projection 6 Sections 7 Auxiliary Views 8 Screws, Fasteners, and Springs 9 Tolerances 10 Design & Working Drawings...
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This note was uploaded on 10/12/2009 for the course ENFD enfd 251 taught by Professor Thomashuston during the Spring '08 term at University of Cincinnati.

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Syllabus - become familiar with a PC based CAD system...

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