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Unformatted text preview: /35 Spring Quarter 2008 Spring Quarter 2008 Experiment : Electric Fields Your name: Anish Dundoo Partner: James Schaefer Performed on: April 10, 2008 TA: Huard Zach Section number: 249 Promptness % (100 means it was on time): 100 Additional Scores (+)/Penalties (-): Please insert your material in the space after the boxes, not in the boxes themselves. Abstract (4) The aim of this experiment is to give us an introduction into electric fields and electric potentials. We noted electronic configurations with dual electric input spots and parallel conducting lines. I measured 442 voltages on different coordinates of a conductive board of a circuit using a needle probe. The Data Studio program recorded voltages at each point on the grid that was touched with the needle. Graphs were formed using these readings and the direction from the highest potentials to lower potentials was drawn. These lines varied for each graph with the first graph having curved lines and the second graph consisting of straight lines. These series of line segments compare closely to the computer generated equipotential lines. Sample Calculations (5) Formula for Potential Difference ∆ = v Wabqo The above equation was used to derive the equation for Electric Field. Calculating the Electric Field (Negative Potential Gradient) =- E ∆V∆X Example =--- E K22 J22K23 J23 =- .- .- E 5 295 2 69815 13 =- . E 1 298Vcm Calculating the X-position (cm) Example Error: Reference source not found, 09/17/04, Error: Reference source not found = ( + ) X K21 J21 2 =...
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This note was uploaded on 10/12/2009 for the course PHYS physics 21 taught by Professor Larrybortner during the Spring '08 term at University of Cincinnati.

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efa_dundooah_249 - /35 Spring Quarter 2008 Spring Quarter...

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