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Unformatted text preview: /35 Spring Quarter 2008 Spring Quarter 2008 Experiment : Potential Differences Your name: Anish Dundoo Partner: Victor Davis Performed on: April 24 th , 2008 TA: Huard Zach Section number: 249 Promptness % (100 means it was on time): 100 Additional Scores (+)/Penalties (-): Please insert your material in the space after the yellow boxes, not in the boxes themselves. Abstract (4) This lab helped determine the hidden internal forces in circuits. We measured the potential difference at multiple voltage sources with the help of a rheostat in order to find out the voltage and multiple points. Four different circuits were created to find the internal resistance. The voltage was found with the help of a side wire calibration, potential differences and the potentiometer. This enabled us to detect the open circuit’s potential difference. Our results for the dry cell, D cell and the battery eliminator compared very closely to the theoretical values of different sources. Sample Calculations (5) Calculating I in amps Calculating u{V} in Volts Calculating A in cm Calculating B in cm Error: Reference source not found, 09/17/04, Error: Reference source not found Calculating ε x in Volts Calculating u{ε x }in Volts...
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This note was uploaded on 10/12/2009 for the course PHYS physics 21 taught by Professor Larrybortner during the Spring '08 term at University of Cincinnati.

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pd_dundooah_249 - /35 Spring Quarter 2008 Spring Quarter...

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