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Unformatted text preview: /35 Winter Quarter 2008 Winter Quarter 2008 Experiment: Centripetal Force Your name: Anish Dundoo Partner: Lauren Kolegraff Performed on: February 11 th , 2008 TA: Hyun Deok Song Section number: 218 Promptness % (100 means it was on time): 100 Additional Scores (+)/Penalties (-): Abstract (4) This experiment justified the reasoning for the uniform circular motion of a body by applying constant force to the body in the same direction. A centripetal apparatus was used to obtain the measured mass of the system of 224g and the mass of the load which was 55g. The uncertainty of the mass and radius were taken to be u{m}=.1g and u{r}=.1cm respectively. The radius was then measured from the center of the circular orbit to the second post at a start of 6cm radius. This distance was increased nine times from 6cm to 24cm. we used the Science Workshop to measure the angular velocity at each given radius. A graph was plotted for angular velocity squared against 1/ (mass*radius) and the slope is the centripetal force. The calculated force for centripetal force using the LINEST function resulted in 0.504N±0.015N which compares close to the force of the load which is 0.539N±0.001N. Sample Calculations (5) Calculating the Force of Load (F L (N)): ( )= × FL N mL g Where m L is the mass of the load and g is the gravity constant. = FL 55 × × . g 1kg1000g 9 8msec2 =. × . FL 055kg 9 8msec2 = . × FL 0 539kg msec2 Calculating the uncertainty of F L : = { }× uFL u m g =. uFL 1 × × . g 1kg1000g 9 8msec2 =. × uFL 00098kg msec2 Calculating the Standard Error of u{ω}(rad/s): = uω Standard Deviationcounts =. uω 012radsec10 Error: Reference source not found, 09/17/04, Error: Reference source not found...
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cf_dundooah_218 - /35 Winter Quarter 2008 Winter Quarter...

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