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BILD1 Halpain FA09 09/25/09 Intro and Chapter 1 1 BILD1 The Cell Professor Shelley Halpain Fall 2009 MWF, 12:00 – 12:50PM PRICE THEATRE Professor’s office hours: Tuesdays, 2:30 – 3:30pm; Bonner Hall 2230; [email protected] CLASS WEB SITE: http://www.biology.ucsd.edu/classes/bild1.FA09 General Information TEXT: Biology , 8 th Edition, by Campbell and Reece. Books are available at the Price Center Bookstore and the Student Coop General Store, and copies are on reserve in the library. Earlier editions (7 th -5 th ) are OK, but not recommended. If you choose to use them it is your responsibility to check continuity of content. The Mastering Biology web-based resource, which is available from the textbook publisher (Pearson) is not required but is highly recommended. NOTE: the ‘assignments’ indicated for this course in Mastering Biology are purely optional. They are exercises provided by the publisher designed to enhance your understanding of the material. I have not previewed all this material, and it therefore does not represent the official material for Dr. Halpain’s course. Your answers will not be viewed by the instructors or graded , but I may solicit feedback from students on its usefulness at the end of the quarter. Grading Policy Evaluation: Examinations will cover material presented in lecture and in assigned readings. Grading will be based on Discussion section pop quizzes, two 50 minute midterm exams, and a 3 hour final exam. All will consist of short answer and a few multiple choice. Together these quizzes and exams will be worth a maximum of 1000 points, distributed as follows: 1) Discussion Section Quizzes (50 points) . Two brief quizzes (30 minutes allowed) will be administered by the TAs during Sections. They will not be announced in advance, and might not occur during the same week for all sections. You will only receive credit if you take the quizzes in the section in which you are enrolled. There are NO regrades or make ups for the quizzes. 2) Midterm 1 (200 points). Graded exams will be returned at the next class and an answer key posted. 3) Midterm 2 (250 points). All exams will be returned within one week and an answer key posted. 5) Final Exam (500 points). The exam will be comprehensive, but with greater emphasis on material not covered by the two midterm exams. FAQ: “Do we have to know this?” I do not cover material, I uncover material .” S. Wasserman Grades I will average the point total for the top 10 students in the class and assign that average a value of 100%. Any student with a point total of at least 90% of that average will receive a grade of A or better. A score of 80% is guaranteed at least a B , and a score of 70% is guaranteed at least a C .
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Lecture1_092509 - BILD1 Halpain FA09 BILD1 The Cell...

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