PS2 - Problem Set 2 BILD1 FA 2009 1 How does an enzyme...

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Problem Set 2 BILD1 FA 2009 1) How does an enzyme catalyze a chemical reaction? Define the terms and substrate and active site. 2) Label the terms A thru E on the energy diagram curve at the right. (a) Is this reaction endergonic or exergonic? (b) Will the reaction occur spontaneously? (c) Is Δ G >0 or is Δ G <0? How can you tell? (d) Is the reaction reversible? (e) If an enzyme is brought in to speed up this reaction, which component (A thru E) will be changed? Draw this on the energy diagram as a dotted line. (f) What happens to the Gibbs free energy of the reaction if an enzyme is added? 3) At the right is a temperature sensitivity curve for a particular enzyme. (a) Why does the activity increase with increasing temperature? (b) Why does the activity decrease when the temperature increases further? (c) What would the curve look like if, instead of following enzyme activity over at different temperatures, you were following the enzyme activity over different pH’s? Explain your answer. 4) Is protein synthesis an endergonic or exergonic reaction? Is Δ S positive or negative? 5) When NaOH is dissolved in water, the solution becomes hot. When CsCl is dissolved in water the solution becomes cold. Indicate for each reaction whether it is exergonic or endergonic and whether Δ G, Δ H, and Δ S are positive or negative (i.e. + or -). A
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PS2 - Problem Set 2 BILD1 FA 2009 1 How does an enzyme...

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