Micro Test 1 questions

Micro Test 1 questions - temperature drops to around 42-45...

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Microbiology Text 1 Chapter 1 1. Who invented the vaccine for rabies? a. Pasteur 2. Pasteur first suggest that bacteria could cause disease in humans by showing that they could cause disease in a. wine 3. Pasteur studies proved that wine was produced by the fermentation of grape juice by a. Yeast 4. John Snow traced the source of an 1854 outbreak of cholera in London to a. the contaminated municipal water supply 5. Spallanzani's experiments showed that a. spontaneous generation does not take place 6. Agar is the most widely used solidifying agent for bacteriology because: Once solid it remains solid at temperature about that of the human body Once in a liquid form it remains in a liquid until the
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Unformatted text preview: temperature drops to around 42-45 C It seems to be relatively non-toxic for most bacteria It usually does not serve as a nutrition source for microorganisms ALLL OF THE ABOVE 7. Koch's postulates concerning the causative agent of a disease: a. include the concept that the organism must be obtained in pure culture 8. Alexander Fleming discovered: a. penicillin 9. Ehrlich's "magic bullet" approach to chemotherapy is that there are chemicals that are: a. 10. By showing that some bacteria have a heat stable phase making them insensitive to boiling that kills most bacteria, Tyndall and Cohn discovered: endospores 11....
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Micro Test 1 questions - temperature drops to around 42-45...

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