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Extraction Reading Williamson, Chapter 7, p. 135-150 on the theory and basic microscale techniques of extraction. We will carry out Experiment 1 (p. 151-153, somewhat modified), and either Experiment 6, 7, or 8. Website - http://college.hmco.com/chemistry/organic/williamson/macroscale/5e/resources .html Look at all the photographs and videos in the section called Techniques, Extraction. They illustrate very well the techniques needed to carry out this process. Important information to understand before coming to lab Read about which types of organic compounds can be extracted into acidic and basic aqueous solutions. How and why do the solubility properties of some organic compounds change when they react with an acid or a base? Extraction always involves two layers – an aqueous layer and organic layer. Which layer is the upper layer and which is the lower layer in a reaction tube? How can you determine whether a layer is aqueous or organic? General theory of extraction Extraction is a technique used for isolating a compound from a mixture of compounds. It is based on the distribution coefficient of a sample between two immiscible solvents. Generally, one of the solvents in an extraction is water or an aqueous solution , while the other is an organic solvent such as dichloromethane or ether. By taking advantage of the different solubilities of a compound in a pair of solvents, compounds can be selectively dissolved in one member of the pair. For example, inorganic salts or salts of organic compounds are soluble in aqueous solutions, and so they can be separated from organic solvents like ether. Keep in mind:
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extraction - Extraction Reading Williamson Chapter 7 p...

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