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Steam Distillation Reading Williamson, Chapter 6, p. 105-108 on the theory of steam distillation; p. 231-244 on how to record an IR spectrum. The details of the experiment on the microscale distillation and extraction appear on p. 110-111. Website - Look at the short video illustrating the technique of steam distillation. Important techniques in this experiment Carrying out a steam distillation of an essential oil Separating and purifying the distilled oil by extraction Analyzing the purity of the product by TLC Recording an IR spectrum General theory of steam distillation: Steam distillation is a process that works for two immiscible liquids because Raoult’s Law does not hold. This means that the vapor pressure above them is the sum of the vapor pressures of the pure liquids, and is not related to the partial pressures based on a mole fraction of compound in the liquid phase. For this reason, the vapor pressure above a mixture of two immiscible liquids is greater than the vapor pressure of either liquid alone. Because of this, the vapor pressure equals the atmospheric pressure at a lower temperature than the boiling point of either liquid. General parts of the experiment Obtain 0.5 mL of either lemongrass oil, spearmint oil, or caraway oil. Carry out the steam distillation as illustrated in Fig. 6.3. Some specifics of the procedure are presented below. Isolate the product by extraction following the procedure on p. 111
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steam_distillation - Steam Distillation Reading Williamson...

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