Pillbug Moist vs. Dry

Pillbug Moist vs. Dry - CALIFORNIA STATE SCIENCE FAIR 2004...

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Unformatted text preview: CALIFORNIA STATE SCIENCE FAIR 2004 PROJECT SUMMARY Ap2/04 Name(s) Project Number Project Title Abstract Summary Statement Help Received Michael T. Seversky Determining the Habitat Selection (Moist vs. Dry) of Armadillidium vulgare through Taxis or Kinesis S1918 Objectives/Goals The purpose of this experiment is to determine if the Armadillidium vulgare (pill bug) shows taxis (movement due to stimulus) or kinesis (random movement) when given the option between a wet or dry environment as well as which environment is preferred. If a positive taxi is shown towards either environment, we can learn about their favorable conditions, which provide insight into habitat selection. Methods/Materials To conduct the experiment 100 pill bugs were collected. An environment was created by connecting two petry dishes and one side was made moist. Five pill bugs were introduced into each side. Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes the number in each side was recorded. After each trial 10 new bugs were used forseconds for 10 minutes the number in each side was recorded....
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