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Quiz 3 PGE 424 20 minutes Name: 1. State multiphase Darcy’s law for oil and water flow. q w = - kk rwµwdPwdx ; q o = - kk roµodPodx 2. Why is typically (k rw +k ro ) < 1? Immiscible fluids block each other in the pore network. 3. What does k rw , relative permeability of water depend on? Water saturation S w , S w -history, wettability, pore structure 4. What is capillary number a ratio of? Viscous forcesCapillary forces 5. Define fractional flow of water. What does it depend on? f w = q + wqw qo = k + rwµwkrwµw kroµo (neglecting Pc and gravity effect); depends on k rw , k ro , µ w , µ o . 6. What are the advantage and disadvantages of the steady state method of relative permeability? Advantage: accurate, needs no interpretation;
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Unformatted text preview: Disadvantage: time-consuming, capillary end effect. 7. In three phase flow, gas relative is usually a function of only the gas saturation (independent of oil saturation). Why? Gas is the most non-wetting fluid; it occupies largest pores. Occupation of pores depends only on S g . 8. Name two techniques to measure water saturation in the steady state technique?--Separator level for re-circulating system;--Weight of core--X-ray or γ-ray attenuation 9. What is the unit of resistivity? Ohm-m 10. What is Formation Factor? F = R 0Rw = % Resistivity with 100 brine saturation resistivity of the brine...
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Quiz_3 solution - Disadvantage: time-consuming, capillary...

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