Variation is determined by the presence of alternate

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Unformatted text preview: esence of alternate alleles at a single locus 2. An organism receives one allele from each parent 3. Only the dominant allele has an effect on the organism's appearance DAD MOM WHITE PURPLE LOCUS FOR FLOWER COLOR 18 Law of segregation p P Pp (purple & white petal alleles) DNA Replication (S phase) p P Meiosis I 2 alleles for same gene separate during gamete formation p p P Meiosis II p P P 4 sperm cells 19 Law of Independent Assortment Law of independent assortment: two different genes will randomly assort during the formation of gametes hair eye color 20 Chromosome theory of inheritance Based on: Mendel's (and others') breeding studies Material basis for heredity (where and what was the genetic material??) Mechanism for fertilization, meiosis and mitosis 21 Inheritance of sex linked traits What makes a male a male? What makes a female a female? Sex chromosomes!
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