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Unformatted text preview: _toon_male_female_symbol.jpg 22 Foolish & damn foolish: the white eyed fly T.H. Morgan (1901) determined the connection between traits and inheritance on sex chromosomes 23 Inheritance pattern of eye color Xw+Xw wY X w+Xw+ X w+Y X w+Y X wY X w+Xw X w+Xw X 24 Testcross wY X w+Xw X w+Y X wY X w+Xw X wXw X 25 Summary Gametogenesis is a meiotic process that results in sperm and egg production Meiosis shares much in common with mitosis but differs from mitosis in several key ways New perspectives on Mendel's Laws Sex linked traits are genes on sex chromosomes Morgan performed key experiment on eye color in fruit flies to demonstrate sex linkage 26 Ungraded problems Check out Chapter 3: S1, S2 and S3 to make sure you have these key concepts down Try Chapter 3: C6, C7, C10, C11, C17*, C31 Try Chapter 3: E2, E4 27 Next Time Single Gene Inheritance Patterns HTTP://WWW.BEDDINGPLANTS.COM.AU/SEASONAL/DOWNLOADS/MOONFACE_PETUNIA_LG.JPG 28...
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