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Unformatted text preview: Scientific Methods and Paper Analysis 1 Last Time Overview and Syllabus 2 Science and the fire breathing dragon www.adorablekidsdressup.com 3 The Scientific Methods Discovery science Hypothesis-based science www.fancyjewels.com/img id302.securedata.net/ 4 A hypothesis must be 1. testable 2. falsify-able 5 Limitations of Science What are they? Can scientific methods be used to address any question? 6 A Theory is a general statement supported by a substantial accumulation of evidence It’s just a theory! http://ciencias.unizar.es/circo/images/gravity.gif 7 “A theory which cannot be mortally endangered cannot be alive.” - W.A.H. Rushton, (1901-1980) Cambridge professor, scientist 8 What causes Mad Cow Disease (aka BSE)? 9 Brain tissue from cow with BSE. Scrapie in sheep, CJD or Kuru in humans looks similar. 10 How could you test for the infectious agent? 11 normally folded proteins Interaction between prion and normal protein causes normal protein to misfold… Prion (abnormally folded protein) Prion Propogation … which leads to increasing numbers of prions 12 Dr. Stanley Prusiner was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1997 for the discovery of prions… infectious proteins. 13 14 What’s in a journal article? 15 Paper Bashing Exercise • Big Question • Research Question • Methods Used • Conclusion 16 Paper Bashing Template Part I • What is the Big Question? • provide some background • What is the Research/Paper Question? • Briefly describe the methods used • What are the results and conclusion? 17 Paper Bashing Template Part II • What question does the figure address? • What are the methods used? • explain in some detail • What do the data/results show? • What do you conclude from the data? • What is the authors’ conclusion? • Do they differ? Discuss. 18 Summary • Scientific Methods • Hypothesis-driven science • What’s in a Paper? • Intro to Paper Bashing 19 Next Time Mendelian Inheritance Part 1 20 ...
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