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q1f09 - c thermal expansion coefficient a 2 Ceramic solids...

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MSE 200 Quiz 1 Section 003 ID Number: 1. Flexible bonding of the three primary bonds is a. ionic b. covalent c. metallic ( c ) 2.With increasing melting point, the depth of bonding potential a. decreases b. increases c. does not change ( b ) 3. The slope of the atomic force versus distance graph at equilibrium is a measure of a. melting point b. modulus c. electrical conductivity ( b ) 4. The number of atoms per unit cell in a bcc lattice a. 1 b. 2 c. 4 ( 2 ) 5. With increasing temperature, the electrical conductivity of a semiconductor a. increases b. decreases c. does not change ( a ) Bonus 6. What are your suggestions for improvement in presentation of the material in the class. Quiz 1 MSE 200 Section 002 I.D. Number: 1. The slope of the atomic force versus distance between the ions gives for the solid a. spring constant b. strength
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Unformatted text preview: c. thermal expansion coefficient ( a ) 2. Ceramic solids with ionic bonding exhibit brittle behavior because bonding is a. flexible b. directional c. with restricted neighborhood ( c ) 3. The depth of the atomic potential versus atomic distance at equilibrium separation between the ions gives a. cohesive energy b. repulsive energy c. attractive energy ( a) 4. The electrical conductivity of covalently bonded semiconductors with temperature a. increases b. decreases c. does not change ( a) 5. Low melting point of polymers arises from a. covalent bonding within the polymer molecule b. Van der Walls bonding between the polymer molecule c. covalent bonding between the polymer molecule ( b) Bonus 6. What changes do you like in the way the lectures and the course is offered...
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