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Quiz 4 MSE 200 ID number 1. Although engineers use yield strength in the design considerations of any component, the stress-strain curve is useful because a. the plastic deformation of a component is also used in the design b. the engineers do not want the stress to exceed the fracture strength c. critical components are designed based on the energy absorbed for failure ( c ) 2. Endurance limit is observed only in a. ferrous materials b. nonferrous materials c. brittle materials ( a ) 3. Creep rupture life of a component at high temperature is at the end of
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Unformatted text preview: a. logarithmic region b. steady state region c. stage III of deformation with time ( b ) 4. A hardness testing machine that has capability for testing microhardness testing is a. Brinnel hardness test b. Vickers diamond pyramid test c. Rockwell hardness test ( c ) 5. Critical fracture toughness is a function of a. stress applied b. crack size c. grain size ( c ) Bonus DBTT is observed only in materials with crystal structure of a. fcc b. bcc c. hcp ( b )...
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