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q5-1f07 - c isomorphous system a 5 To calculate the weight...

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Quiz 5 MSE 200 ID Number: 1. The degrees of freedom in a single phase region of a metallic two component system are a. zero b. 2 c. 3 ( b ) 2. Precipitation hardening is observed in alloys with a. sloping solvus line b. sloping solidus line c. sloping liquidus line ( a ) 3. Phase rule applied to metallic systems is a. P+F=C+2 b. P+F=C+1 c. P+F=0 ( b ) 4. Complete lamellar structure of alloys is observed in a. eutectic alloys b. hypoeutectic alloys
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Unformatted text preview: c. isomorphous system ( a ) 5. To calculate the weight fraction of phases, we use a. Lever rule in single phase region b. Lever rule in two phase region c. Phase rule in two phase region ( b ) 6. Bonus: Most castings at room temperature contain a. lamellar structure with large amount of proeutectic phase b. solid and liquid phases c. lamellar structure only ( c )...
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