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Quiz 6 MSE 200 ID No: 1. The crystal structure of ceramics depends on a. only the coordination number b. only the charge neutrality c. both coordination number and charge neutrality ( c ) 2. Rate of polymerization is faster a. in the early stages b. in the middle stages c. in the last stages ( b ) 3. Although O:Si ratio below 2.5 will allow glass formation, to form amorphous glass a. liquid glass should be cooled slowly b. liquid glass should be cooled rapidly
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Unformatted text preview: c. O:Si ratio should be kept well above 2.5 ( b ) 4. The crystallinity of a polymer is higher in a. bifunctional polymer b. polyfunctional polymer c. condensation polymerization ( a ) 5. Particulate composites are a. anisotropic b. isotropic c. orthotropic ( b ) 6. Bonus An important and costly fiber that is important in strong, light, and high temperature composites is a. Boron fiber b. Glass fiber c. polyethylene ( a )...
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