q2sum32 - c. infinity with that axis ( c ) 6. The number of...

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1. A pentagonal lattice is not allowed because a. it has odd rotational symmetry b. it is not a translational lattice c. it has not been observed in any structures ( b ) 2. Base centered cube is included in the a. cubic system b. hexagonal system c. tetragonal system ( c ) 3. Magnesium takes hcp structure because a. hcp gives highest packing b. hcp gives the lowest energy of interaction c. magnesium atoms are completely spherical ( b ) 4. The packing density of fcc compared to that of hcp is a. higher b. lower c. equal ( c ) 5. The plane with one of the Miller indices is equal to zero makes an intersection of a. zero with that axis b. zero with the other two axes
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Unformatted text preview: c. infinity with that axis ( c ) 6. The number of planes in the {111} are a. 6 b. 12 c. 8 ( c ) 7. The angle in degrees between [110] and [-110] is a. 45 b. 0 c. 90 ( c ) 8. Bragg's law is used to determine a. if the intensity of a particular reflection is high b. if the x-ray undergoes constructive interference c. if the wave length of the incident beam is changed by the crystal ( b ) 9. The arrangement of atoms in a unit cell determines a. magnitude of structure factor b. scattering from electrons around each atom c. scattering from nucleaus of each atom ( a ) 10. Of the following reflection, the one observed by fcc is a. 100 b. 110 c. 200 ( c ) 11. All noble metals are a. hcp b. fcc c. bcc ( b )...
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q2sum32 - c. infinity with that axis ( c ) 6. The number of...

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