q3sum032 - 6 Fatigue strength is property defined for a...

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Home Introduction Policies Resources Requirements & Grading Syllabus Assignments Handouts Discussion Web Links Distance Learners Contact MSE 200 Quiz 3 1. Engineer's use engineering stress because
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a strains are very large b. design is made in the elastic region c. design is made close to UTS ( b) 2. The area under the stress-strain curve gives the a. energy absorbed by the sample b. energy absorbed per unit volume by the sample c. energy absorbed by the sample and the grips ( b) 3. When a sample is unloaded in a tensile test, the strain remaining in the sample is a. total strain b. elastic strain c. plastic strain (c ) 4. Hardness of metal alloy samples is a measure of the a. yield strength b. ductility c. work hardening (c ) 5. Wear resistance of a cutting tool a. increases with increasing hardness b. increases with decreasing hardness c. does not depend on the hardness (a )
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Fatigue strength is property defined for a. ferrous materials b. bcc materials c. nonferrous materials ( c) 7. With increasing average stress applied on a sample under fatigue, the range of stress a. increases b. decreases c. does not change (b ) 8. Turbine blades are designed to operate in the a. stage I creep b. stage II creep c. stage III creep (b ) 9. Turbine blades are made of single crystals because a. Hall-Petch equations shows high strength b. Hall-Petch equation gives low strength c. voids should not be nucleated (c ) 10. Elastic -plastic stress strain curve is observed in a. steels b. aluminum c. lead (metal) ( c) 11. Fracture strength is obtained from a. engineering stress-strain curve b. true stress-true strain curve c. engineering stress-true strain curve (b )...
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q3sum032 - 6 Fatigue strength is property defined for a...

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