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q5f02 - a ferrite b cementite c pearlite(b 8 The hardest...

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Home Introduction Policies Resources Requirements & Grading Syllabus Assignments Handouts Discussion Web Links Distance Learners Contact MSE 200 Quiz 5 MSE 200 S. S. Number: 1. Invariant point of interest in the steels is
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a.eutectic point b. peritectic point c. eutectoid point (c ) 2. The solubility of carbon in austenite compared to that in ferrite is a. lower b. higher c. same (b ) 3. Structural steels are rolled at a temperature a. above A123 b. above A3 c. Above Acm (b ) 4. Most structural steels contain a carbon percentage of a. <0.6% b. >0.8% c. >2% (a ) 5. The proeutectoid phase in pearltitic steels is a. cementite b. ferrite c. none (c ) 6. Decomposition of cementite in cast irons with 2 to 3% Si to graphite is very active a. >727oC b. <727oC c. >1143oC ( a) 7. Brittle behavior of white cast irons arises from
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Unformatted text preview: a. ferrite b. cementite c. pearlite (b ) 8. The hardest phase in iron-carbon system is a. austenite b. ferrite c. cementite (c ) 9. Quenching cracks are avoided by a. annealing b.normalizing c. martempering ( c) 10. Martensite is formed by a. nucleation and growth b. diffusionless transformation c. solidification (b ) Bonus question: The blacksmith in your village is approached with a broken farm equipment while tilling the ground. The smart blacksmith took a piece of the broken region and put it against the grinding wheel and he said Ah!, I know why. What did the blacksmith observe and what did he conclude. He observed high generation of sparks. Conclusion: Large amount of cementite brittle phase that also gives rise to sparks...
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q5f02 - a ferrite b cementite c pearlite(b 8 The hardest...

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