q6s03 - 6. The strength of glass is tested in a. tensile...

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Home Introduction Policies Resources Requirements & Grading Syllabus Assignments Handouts Discussion Web Links Distance Learners Contact MSE 200 Quiz 6 1. Microstructure of nodular iron is made of
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a. graphite flakes and pearlite b. graphite in spherical form and pearlite c. graphite in spherical form and cementite 2. Pearlite is a. a phase b. a microstructure c. an intermetallic compound 3. Martempering is a. double quench process b. double quench followed by tempering c. cooling to above Ms temperature and keeping at that temperature 4. In comparison to that of metals with fracture toughness of 150-180 Mpa.m1/2, ceramic materials show a fracture toughness of a. 200 Mpa.m1/2 b. 4 Mpa.m1/2 c. 150 Mpa.m1/2 5. The working temperature of glass is a. glass transition temperature b. softening temperature c. above annealing temperature
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Unformatted text preview: 6. The strength of glass is tested in a. tensile test b. bend test c. hardness test 7. Si3N4, a good candidate for ceramic heat engines is improved by making fiber composites to gain a. lower melting point b. higher fracture toughness c. good corrosion resistance 8. Polymerization process a. absorbs heat b. gives out heat c. initially absorbs and then gives out 9. Condensation polymerization is responsible for a. thermosetting polymers b. thermoplastic polymers c. both 10. Blends are examples of polymers that a. go into solid solution b. form a mixture c. form long chains 11. Epoxy is an example of a. thermoplastic polymer b. thermosetting polymer c. elastomer Answers 1( b ) 2( b ) 3( b ) 4( b ) 5( b ) 6( b ) 7( b ) 8( b ) 9( a ) 10 ( b) 11( b )...
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q6s03 - 6. The strength of glass is tested in a. tensile...

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