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quiz1s02 - a completely ionic b partially or completely...

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1. Ceramic materials are brittle because a. bonding is rigid, b. bonding is week, c. bonding is directional (a ) 2. Metals are highly conducting because a. ions carry the current, b. plenty of free electrons carry current, c. bonding is directional ( b) 3. Low melting point of polymers arises from a. covalent bond within the polymer molecule, b. temporary dipole moment between the polymer molecules c. Van der Waal's bond between polymer molecules (c ) 4. Steel reinforcements in concrete help to improve a. the load bearing capacity in bending, b. wear resistance on the drive ways, c. compressive strength (a ) 5. Bonding in semiconductor materials is
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Unformatted text preview: a. completely ionic b. partially or completely covalent c. Van der Waals (b ) 6. Ions come together because a. the positive charge of the two, b. negative charge of the two, c. opposite charge of the two (c ) 7. The attractive energy between the ions is a. long range, b. short range, c. positive (a ) 8. The slope of the atomic force versus distance graph is a measure of a. electrical conductivity, b. modulus, c. theoretical strength ( b) 9. With increasing temperature, the energy of interaction between the atoms shifts a. up and towards left b. down and towards left, c. up and towards right (c ) 10. Free point if you answer this question: Give two ways in which we can improve this class room teaching. 1 2....
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