quiz2s202 - a fcc ABABAB(b b hcp ABCABC a 7 The...

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Home Introduction Policies Resources Requirements & Grading Syllabus Assignments Handouts Discussion Web Links Distance Learners Contact MSE 200 MSE 200 Quiz 2 1. Base centered cube is not considered a unit cell because
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a. it is not primitive b. it does not have translational symmetry c. it does not satisfy the symmetry associated with a cube (c ) 2. Packing density is defined as the ratio of a. volume of atoms/mass of atoms b. volume atoms per unit cell/volume of unit cell c. mass of atoms /volume of unit cell (b ) 3. The number of atoms associated with a fcc unit cell are a. 8 b. 2 c. 4 (c ) 4. (hkl) are Miller indices of a a. plane b. direction c. surface (a ) 5. The number of equivalent planes in {111} are a. 6 b. 4 c. 8 (c ) 6. Match the stacking sequence of planes
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Unformatted text preview: a. fcc ABABAB (b ) b. hcp ABCABC ( a) 7. The direction [111] is contained in a. (110) b. (1-10) c. (111) (b ) 8. The shortest distance between the atoms in bcc unit cell is a. along the edge b.along the cube face c. along the body diagonal (c ) 9. Ideal c/a ratio for a hexagonal closed packed structure is when atoms are a. elongated ellipsoids b. compressed ellipsoids c. when atoms are spherical (c ) 10. Bargg's law states that the path difference traveled by X-ray should be equal to a. fraction of wave length b. wave length c. lattice distance (b ) 11. Bonus Question: The following changes in the lecture and lab classes will help improve our understanding of the course material....
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quiz2s202 - a fcc ABABAB(b b hcp ABCABC a 7 The...

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