quiz3 - 7. Fatigue resistance of a material is better in an...

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Home Introduction Policies Requirements & Grading Resources Syllabus Assignments Handouts Discussion Web Links Distance Learners Contact QUIZ#3 MSE 200 Quiz#3, S. S. No: Answer all questions. 1. Under tensile loading test, the true stress compared to the engineering stress is a. lower b. equal c. higher (c ) 2. Toughness is the area under the graph of a. true stress vs. engineering strain b. true stress vs. true strain c. engineering stress vs. engineering strain (b ) 3. Hardness is a measure of the ability to a. deform plastically and work harden b. deform elastically
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c. shear modulus (a ) 4. Structure sensitive property in the following is a. modulus b. grain size c. flow stress ( c) 5. Critical resolved shear stress is highest for the crystals with the structure a. fcc b. bcc c. hcp (b ) 6. Materials under high temperature service conditions are designed to remain in a. steady state creep b. logarithmic creep c. stage III creep (a )
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Fatigue resistance of a material is better in an environment of a. oxygen b. moisture c. vacuum ( c) 8. A heavily cold worked metal is a. isotropic b. anisotropic c. equiaxed (b ) 9. The alternating stress for failure of a specimen under fatigue as a function of increasing mean stress on the specimen a. decreases b. increases c. remains constant (a ) 10. Major changes in a property take place during a. recovery b. grain growth c. recrystallization (c ) Choose the materials for the given application (Bonus question) a. Steel with nitrogen ion implanted on the surface Turbine parts (b) b. Nickel alloy dispersed with thorium oxide particles Axles for heavy trucks (a ) c. Carburized and quenched high speed steel Critical pin in a heavy crane (d) d. High alloy steel Tool to machine aluminum (c )...
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quiz3 - 7. Fatigue resistance of a material is better in an...

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