quiz4 - 7. Match the hardenability of the following steels...

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Home Introduction Policies Requirements & Grading Resources Syllabus Assignments Handouts Discussion Web Links Distance Learners Contact QUIZ#4 MSE 200 QUIZ#4 S. S. Number: Iron-carbon diagram is drawn on the board. 1. Hot rolling of hypoeutectoid steels is performed at a temperature a. above the A3 line b. below A123 line c. Between A3 and A123 lines (A) 2. Pearlitic steel has carbon weight percentage of a. 0.4% b. 0.8% c. 1% (b ) 3. The hardest phase in the Fe-C system is a. martensite b. ferrite c. cementite ( c)
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4. A high carbon and high alloy steel sample is taken to austenitic stage and after enough time, taken outside and cooled in air. The microstructure will consist of a. martensite everywhere b. martensite outside and pearlite inside c. pearlite everywhere (a ) 5. 2 to 3% of silicon added to cast irons during melting before casting results in a. nodular iron b. gray cast iron c. white cast iron (b ) 6. Martempering is tempering following a. single stage quenching b. annealing c. double stage quench (c )
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Match the hardenability of the following steels a. low carbon steels very low (a ) b. high carbon and alloy steels very good (b ) 8. Number of invariant points in the Fe-C diagram are a. four b. two c. three (c ) 9. Tempering of quenched steel gives a. improved toughness without losing the hardness too much b. improved toughness at the sacrifice of hardness c. improved hardness at the sacrifice of toughness (a) 10. Bainite is a. a phase made up of ferrite and cementite b. a microstructure made up of ferrite and cementite c. a solid solution of cementite in ferrite (b ) Free for answering Bonus questions: Total 1 point 11. Usefulness of MSE 200 course in teaching materials used in engineering applications a. fair b. very poor c. good ( ) 12. Time that I spend in reading the material for MSE 200 in an academic week is a. below 1 hour b. above 1 hour c. above 2 hours ( )...
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quiz4 - 7. Match the hardenability of the following steels...

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