quiz4s02 - (b ) 7. Area under the stress-strain curve is a...

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1. Schmid's law states that for glide to take place a. RSS >CRSS b. CRSS>RSS c. CRSS>>RSS (a ) 2. FCC Crystals slip on the slip systems given by a. (111) [110] b. (111)[011] c. (111)[0-11] (c ) 3. CRSS calculated from the atomic force compared to the observed value is a. equal b. higher c. lower (b ) 4. Close packed hexagonal materials exhibit lower plasticity at RT because the number of slip systems is a. 3 b. 12 c. 24 (a ) 5. True stress compared to engineering stress in a tensile deformation sample is a. lower b. equal c. higher (c ) 6. Necking in a tensile is a result of a. brittle behavior b. localized plastic deformation c. elastic behavior
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Unformatted text preview: (b ) 7. Area under the stress-strain curve is a measure of a. energy absorbed for failure b. strength for failure c. elongation to failure (a ) 8. Power hardening relation ship describes the a. elastic region of stress strain curve b. plastic region of stress-strain curve c. plastic region of true stress-true strain curve (c ) 9. An important piece of a crane used to lift heavy equipment is subjected to tension. The material of choice will be a. aluminum b. high alloy steel c. ceramic composite (b ) 10. A measure of ductility of a metal or an alloy is a. yield strength b. total strain to failure c. plastic strain to failure (c ) Bonus question: The problems of the way in which Jag is teaching this course are:...
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quiz4s02 - (b ) 7. Area under the stress-strain curve is a...

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