quiz4s202 - 7. Ductile brittle transition temperature is...

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Home Introduction Policies Requirements & Grading Resources Syllabus Assignments Handouts Discussion Web Links Distance Learners Contact QUIZ#4 MSE 200 1. Hardness is a measure of ability to a. deform plastically b. wear c. work harden (c ) 2. Fatigue strength is defined for a. ferrous materials b. nonferrous materials c.all materials (b ) 3. With increasing mean stress applied during fatigue, the range of stress for failure a.increases b. remains constant c.decreases (c ) 4. The activation energy for steady state creep in pure metals is same
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as that of a. formation of vacancies b. motion of vacancies c. self diffusion (c ) 5. Climb is motion of dislocations a.in the glide plane b.normal to glide plane c. in the direction of Burgers vector (b ) 6.Fracture toughness is measured in conditions of a. plane strain b. plane stress c. mixed (a )
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Ductile brittle transition temperature is observed in a. hcp metals b. fcc metals c. bcc metals and alloys (c ) 8. Copper sample is heavily rolled. Its melting point is 1080oC. The recrystallization is expected to be a. below 200oC b. between 350 and 400oC c.above500oC (b ) 9.Advanatge of hot working is a. increase in strength b. preferred orientation of grains c. large reductions in cross-section (c ) 10. Changes in properties are slow during grain growth because a. grain size changes rapidly b. grain size does not change c. grain size increases very slowly with time (c ) 11. Bonus question: You designing a light weight bicycle for mountain rides. Choose the material that you will use. a. alloy steel b. aluminum alloy c. ceramic (alumina) (b )...
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quiz4s202 - 7. Ductile brittle transition temperature is...

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