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quiz5s02 - a stage III creep b stage II creep c stage I...

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Home Introduction Policies Resources Requirements & Grading Syllabus Assignments Handouts Discussion Web Links Distance Learners Contact MSE 200 Quiz 5 1. Work hardening is a result of
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a. large grain size b. single slip c. multiple slip (c ) 2. Dislocation density in the fully deformed state is of the magnitude a. 10 6 cm/cm3 b. 1013 cm/cm3 c. 109 cm/cm3 ( b) 3. Fatigue phenomena is observed when the stress acting on the sample a. below yield strength b. above yield strength c. near necking (a ) 4. Match the following with respect to stress vs. fatigue cycle behavior a. nonferrous materials endurance limit (b ) b. ferrous materials fatigue strength ( a) 5. Shot peening helps to improve the fatigue life because it introduces a. tensile stresses b. surface tensile residual stress c. surface residual compressive stress ( c) 6. Most high temperature materials are used in the
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Unformatted text preview: a. stage III creep b. stage II creep c. stage I creep (b ) 7. Activation energy for creep behavior of a metal is a. activation energy for self diffusion b. activation energy for grain boundary diffusion c. activation energy for interstitial diffusion (a ) 8. Fracture toughness test of a material is conducted in a. plane strain tension b. plane stress tension c. plane strain compression (a ) 9. Major changes in properties take place during a. recovery b. recrystallization c. grain growth ( b) 10. At the end of very large cold work, the material is a. isotropic with elongated grains b. anisotropic with elongated grains c. isotropic with equiaxial grains (b ) 11. Bonus question. The time I spend on the lecture part of the course (not including Lab )every day on the average i...
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