MA141-001Summer09Syllabus - MA 141(001 Calculus I Summer...

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MA 141 (001): Calculus I Summer 2009 Section 1, MTWHF 7:30-9:40am, RD 339 Instructor: Leslie Kurtz ( [email protected] ) Office: SAS Hall 3240 Office Hours: Class Web Page: Prerequisites: MA 111 with grade of C or better or placement via Level Two Achievement Test Credit is not allowed for more than one of MA 141, 131, 121 Content: First of three semesters in a calculus sequence for science and engineering majors. Functions, graphs, limits, derivatives, rules of differentiation, definite integrals, fundamental theorem of calculus, applications of derivatives and integrals. Use of computation tools. Textbook: Calculus: Concepts and Contexts , by James Stewart (3 rd ed.) Grade Calculation: WebAssign/Quizzes 15% Maple 10% Tests 50%
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Final Exam 25% Grading Scale: The final grade will be assigned using the plus/minus grading system A+: 98-100 A: 93-97.99 A-: 90-92.99 B+: 88-89.99 B: 83-87.99 B-: 80-82.99 C+: 78-79.99 C: 73-77.99 C-: 70-72.99 D+: 68-69.99 D: 63-67.99 D-: 60-62.99 WebAssign: Homework assignments will be completed through WebAssign. See for homework questions and due dates. You must log in using your unity ID and password (same as your email). You will have to purchase an access card to use the WebAssign system, which you can do at the school’s bookstore or online at the Webassign page. Maple Assignments: There will be 6 Maple assignments that must be completed throughout the semester. Assignments, dates, and other information can all be found at .. If you need additional help with Maple you can
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MA141-001Summer09Syllabus - MA 141(001 Calculus I Summer...

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