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Introduction to Communication (COGN 20) Syllabus, Fall 2009 (Govil) 1 COGN 20 – INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNICATION Fall 2009, MWF 2-2:50pm, Peterson 110 Professor Nitin Govil email: [email protected] office hours: Fridays 11-12:00pm, MCC 103 Sections: A01 Mon 8-8:50a HSS 2152 A02 Mon 3-3:50p HSS 2321 A03 Tue 4-4:50p Centr 205 A04 Tue 5-5:50p Centr 205 A05 Wed 9-9:50 U413 1 A06 Wed 4-4:50 WLH 2110 A07 Th 8-8:50a WLH 2110 A08 Th 2-2:50p WLH 2110 A09 Th 3-3:50p WLH 2110 A10 Th 6-6:50p WLH 2110 A11 Fri 8-8:50a HSS 2152 A12 Wed 10-10:50a Solis 109 A13 Fri 1-1:50p York 3050B Course Description COGN 20 is the gateway course for the UCSD Communication Department and provides a broad introduction to key concepts and theories that have been developed to explain the nature and importance of communication in history. Required Texts Katherine Russell Rich, Dreaming in Hindi: Coming Awake in Another Language . New York: Houghton, 2009. [Available at the UCSD bookstore. Start reading this as soon as possible – you need to be finished with the book by October 12] Course required reading packet (contains most required readings), available for purchase from University Readers at – phone: (800) 200-3908 [Readings should be completed prior to the class listed on the syllabus] Other required readings uploaded to WebCT ( – where noted on the syllabus Regular to occasional attending/reading/watching/listening of 3 non-identical, non-repetitive media sources or events (e.g. newspaper, television, radio, Internet news portal, blog, protest rally) to follow University of California budget crisis coverage beginning September 25 As background to the budget crisis, read Henry Giroux’s “Democracy’s Nemesis: The Rise of the Corporate University,” Cultural Studies Critical Methodologies 9.5 (October 2009) 669-695. [Available on WebCT] Details of your crisis coverage assignment will be forthcoming. Teaching Assistants (email): sections, office location (office hours): Barbara Bush-Mathews ([email protected]): 3/4, MCC 248 (Tu 3-4; F 1-150) Muni Citrin ([email protected]): 5/11, CogSci 242 (Th 1-3) Laurel Friedman ([email protected]): 9/10, Seq 204 (W 10-12) Pawan Singh ([email protected]): 7/8, Seq 108 (M 10-2) Michaela Walsh ([email protected]): 6/12/13, Seq 223 (Tu 3-4; Fri 12-1) Andrew Whitworth-Smith ([email protected]): 1/2, Seq 221 (M 1130-130)
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Introduction to Communication (COGN 20) Syllabus, Fall 2009 (Govil) 2 Course Requirements and Policies Attendance at all lectures and your assigned section is required. You must be enrolled in a discussion section in order to be enrolled in the course. You are responsible for all the material covered in lecture as well as in your sections. Attendance will be taken in sections. You are expected to participate fully in your discussion section and fulfill your Teaching Assistant’s requirements for section assessment. Read course materials before class.
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