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Unformatted text preview: Names and Formulas of Some Ions Positive ions (cations) Negative ions (anions) Name Formula Name Formula ammonium NH4+ acetate C2H3O2hydrogen silver cadmium zinc H+ Ag+ Cd2+ Zn2+ bicarbonate (hydrogen carbonate) bisulfate (hydrogen sulfate) bisulfite (hydrogen sulfite) bromate Older Names for Multiple oxidation state metals cupric cuprous ferric ferrous mercuric mercurous stannic stannous chlorate Formula Cu2+ Cu+ Fe3+ Fe2+ Hg2+ Hg22+ Sn4+ Sn2+ carbonate chromate dichromate monohydrogen phosphate oxalate peroxide silicate sulfate sulfite arsenate phosphate CO32CrO42Cr2O72HPO42C2O42O22SiO32SO42SO32AsO43PO43cyanide dihydrogen phosphate hydride hydroxide nitrate nitrite permanganate thiocyanate HCO3HSO4HSO3BrO3ClO3CNH2PO4HOHNO3NO2MnO4SCN- ...
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